English Montessori Development Lesson

in Buda

– 18 months – 3 years
– Small group (max 6 children)
– Individual development
– Montessori Education
– Experienced teacher

Every day

9:15 – 10:45

11:00 – 12:30

register: lesson@lottiandmaxim.com

What do we do at the Montessori

Development Lesson?

A Montessori Development Lesson is an hour and a half long. This time period allows the children to get engaged with many different activities (Music, Arts and Crafts) in the first part of the lesson (about 15-20 min) and still have plenty of time to explore the Montessori environment individually.

After the first part of the class the children can freely explore the prepared Montessori environment. They can take any work from the shelves and work with it as long as they want to. While the children are working, the teacher (guide) gives individual lessons to the children about how to use the material correctly. When they finish working with one work they have to put it back on the shelf where they took it from. Each work has its own place. We also share a nice morning snack together.

At the end of the lesson we gather again and sit down in a circle just like at the beginning. We say Goodbye to each child individually. Then we leave the class quietly and calmly with a pleasant feeling of inner peace. (In a Montessori environment we call the material (toys) works and the time we spend exploring is called work time.)

Open House at Lotti & Maxim


BUDA – 1021 Budapest , Hárshegyi út 3.

Saturday July 07th, 10.00 am-12.00 pm

Lotti and Maxim International Montessori School announces an OPEN HOUSE for all interested parents in the start of our new Elementary Level Program (6 year old 8 year old) classroom.
The classroom will be staffed with an Association Montessori Internationale (A.M.I.) trained and certified, native English speaking teacher.
The teacher and our school staff will be on-site to explain the advantages and prospective outcomes of a Montessori education, as well as to discuss any questions you may have about the Montessori methodology.
You will have the opportunity to tour the new classroom in addition to the school grounds and learn about the Montessori program.
Refreshments will be served.
Please come and take a look at this internationally acclaimed teaching method for your children.
In addition, we have classrooms for a Montessori Toddler program (2 year old 3 year old) and a new, additional Montessori Childrens House classroom (3 year old 6 year old). You will also be able to explore these areas during the tour as well. We will have an AMI trained teacher on staff to answer questions in these areas also.

Please register for the OPEN HOUSE in e-mail: lhausel@lottiandmaxim.com