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Lotti & Maxim International English Montessori School

Adventure. Exploration. Independence. 


For ages 18 to 36 months. This introduction to Montessori education will give your child a great start in life. Choose our full- or half- day options based on your and your child's needs.

Early Childhood

For toilet-trained children aged 3 to 6 years. Provide a supportive learning environment for children during their formative developmental years.


For children aged 6+. Tap into your child's natural intelligence and innate curiosity with an education that focusses on real-world skills, not one-size-fits-all worksheets and tests.

Extra Activities

The school day may finish at 4, but we provide a seamless Montessori experience until 5pm. We offer activities such as chess, karate, soccer, music and even skiing!


Our Approach

Montessori education is so much more than a name. Individual learning experiences with one-on-one interaction ensure that each child is able to thrive based on their own personal strengths and interests.

Using bodies, minds and senses, Montessori children work at their own pace in a non-competitive environment to develop skills for the real world.

As the only Montessori school in Hungary with AMI/AMS certified teachers, you can be assured that our vision at Lotti & Maxim is to follow the authentic Montessori way.

What Parents Think

"Our kids have learnt so many things here, they've met many great friends and caring teachers and they've had so much fun.

Thank you!"

K and M, parents of A