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The Montessori Philosophy


These six words from Maria Montessori encapsulate our unique approach to education. Each class grouping provides a specialised approach to the child, based on lessons that are meaningful and appropriate for that age group.

Within each grouping, each child proceeds along a learning journey based on his or her own needs and interests. Each child is provided with the necessary freedom of choice each day so she or he can immerse him/herself in her or his work without interruption or intervention. 

By nuturing the intrinsic independence, responsibility and kindness within each student, the child is able to realise his or her own potential, unfurling and evolving the greatness within.

Montessori children become adults who show spontaneous self-discipline, extended periods of concentration and a continual desire to understand the world around them.

Montessori schools do not encourage rote-memorisation and recitation, but instead facilitate the child's own unique interests and talents through activities that encourage fundamental understanding and wonder.

'Development is a series of rebirths.'

Who was Maria Montessori?

A physician and educator, Maria Montessori is the creator of the Montessori method that has changed the way we teach children. 

Early on, Maria realised that children have an innate knowledge and understanding of their own selves. Her first discoveries came with her observations of children with intellectual and physical disabilities, where she questioned the then-popular methods of teaching special needs children. 

Moving on to directing entire child-care centres, Maria saw what many parents already know to be true: children are inherently able, absorbing knowledge and understanding from the world around them.

She quickly understood that by designing and providing learning materials to foster this innate intelligence in a classroom environment that encouraged independence, the natural desire to learn and discover is uncovered.

So immediate was the impact that within her lifetime, the Montessori method spread throughout the world, first in Europe, then North America, Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania.

Maria Montessori's legacy lives on in each Montessori school around the world.