Weekly swimming provides an opportunity for movement, coordination building, exercise and learning water safety. Our swim classes are provided by Amőba Swimming School.


One of the few snowless ski slopes in Hungary is here at our Buda campus! Two slopes provide beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders with activity - even if there is no snow!

Arts & Crafts

Providing a creative outlet for students using a variety of materials, children create drawings, paintings, collages, wall pictures and cards in order to express themselves through visual art media.


Taught by an Instructor certified in Montessori sport, our soccer classes prioritise cooperation above competition. Children learn soccer techniques and skills in a supportive and friendly environment.

Soccer Practice

Our experienced karate instructor teaches age-appropriate self-defense and safety techniques, including learning how to fall and roll safely in a friendly and energetic atmosphere.

Karate Practice

Movement games and short activities encourage children to explore their bodies in space and movement. Each class helps children to develop movement skills, problem solve and improve confidence.

Child Activity

This fun and imaginative class uses mime, games and song to explore stories and characters children can relate to, providing a fun way for children to develop confidence and improve their language skills.

Kids Racing

Children learn rhythm, melody, harmony and beat through a variety of instrumentation and song, culminating in regular performances and shows for other students and our parents.

Music Class

Taught in 15-2`0 minute mini-sessions, children start by learning chess pieces and movements through simple games, progressing on to chess strategy and tactics in matches and small tournaments.


Skiing & Snowboarding