Expanding young minds


The Basics


Six to twelve years

Buda campus

Full day 8am - 5pm

English-speaking children

2 meals & 2 snacks daily

Swimming classes included

Chess classes included

The essentials

A large, bright room provides the backdrop for a range of learning activities. Children are able to select activities to work on individually, in small groups, or work directly with the Guide for extended learning.

Children arrive between 8.30 and 9am each morning, and in between a plethora of extra activities, they have long periods of uninterrupted study time every day, allowing them to dig deeper into the concepts that attract them.

Our Elementary Guide and Assistant bring years of experience working with Elementary children both in and outside the Montessori pedagogy and are fluent in English, Spanish and Hungarian.


The details

Montessori Elementary is tailored to fully engage with kids between six- to twelve-years old. They are entering a new period in their life; this imaginative, social, creative child needs a planned environment and expansive course of study to support his or her burgeoning independence and potential. 


Our Montessori Elementary program is designed to meet the needs of your child in this phase of development. This experience will shape not only their knowledge and skills, but also their attitude towards learning for the rest of their life.

The extras

Children seeking to enter our Elementary grouping should be at least six years old and conversational in English. They should have had experience in a Montessori Children's House during ages 3-6, or can demonstrate the independence typical of a starting Elementary Montessori child.