Creating inquisitive learners


The Basics


18 to 36 months

Buda campus

Half-day 8am to 1.15pm

Full-day 8am to 5pm

2 meals & 2 snacks daily

able to walk independently

The essentials

Our spacious toddler room provides plenty of room for young ones to experience freedom within limits. Equipped with authentic Montessori materials made from natural materials, toddlers are able to explore their interests and natural inclinations.


We provide breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks and lunch in between daily Montessori practical activities that build coordination and interest.

A specially trained Montessori guide fosters the development of gross and fine motor skills, independence and language.


The details

Each day, toddlers will learn life skills like learning to hold a glass independently, setting the table, making juice, caring for our school pets, watering plants, folding and putting clothes away, sign language, learning rhyming songs, stacking and sorting objects into groups, bead stringing, smelling and tasting experiences, identifying objects from a mystery bag, and playing with percussive instruments such as maracas and rain sticks.

These activities build the fundamental skillsets for children to be ready for the higher-level learning in our Children's House.

The extras

Children entering our Toddler classroom should be able to walk independently. Our English-immersion environment helps children to develop their linguistic skillset during those early formative years.

For toddlers new to day care, we recommend starting off with half-days. For toddlers who have previously attended day care, we recommend full-days for the complete Montessori experience.